ABSN iBCAA – 30 Servings

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ABSN IBCAA – 335 Grams POST WORKOUT RECOVERY AGENT · Instant BCAA · Supports workout capacity* · Greater absorption and utilization · Supports protein synthesis* Quick, Convenient and Timely Athletes are no strangers to hard work. They’re well-schooled on the value of intense training coupled with sound sports nutrition for building lean muscle tissue. The capacity to perform intense workouts and recover quickly is critical for strength training and recovery. Athletes know that solid food can be inconvenient in a gym setting. The slow digestive process misses the important post workout window to replenish the muscle cells hunger for amino acids. Solid Ingredients for Hungry Muscle Cells To ensure protein synthesis and anti-catabolic qualities, a specific ratio of BCAA’s are scientifically documented. That’s why iBCAA was designed with a precise mixture of 2/1/1 ratio of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s). Vitamin B6 was added to assist maximum absorption and utilization of the amino acids following an intense strength training session. The goal of iBCAA is to help you build muscle and support recovery following intense training. As always, the intensity of the workout is a critical component for building muscle. iBCAA is one of the only products out there to offer BCAAs plus Beta Alanine… iBCAA features b-Alanine – a direct precursor to Carnosine, which is extremely effective in buffering hydrogen ions that are commonly elevated during intense training. The addition of b-Alanine (and subsequently Carnosine) to iBCAA helps reduce acidity in the muscle during times of stress such as an intense training session. iBCAA is an extremely absorbable, precisely formulated BCAA formula with added b-Alanine and Vitamin B6 to support maximum amino acid absorption and workout capacity needed for muscle growth.

2 reviews for ABSN iBCAA – 30 Servings

  1. Rajeev

    The product has helped me recover faster after my intense workouts and keeps my metabolism up.

  2. Anshuman

    A very good post workout supplement.

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